Unicon and Rangee: Together for a sustainable and efficient IT infrastructure

20 February 2024

Karlsruhe, Germany – February 20, 2024 – Unicon, the leading provider of the Linux-based operating system eLux, and Rangee, a German manufacturer of state-of-the-art hardware, are pleased to announce their partnership within the framework of the eLux Ready Technology Program. 

The partnership between Unicon and Rangee is particularly beneficial for customers due to the advantages resulting from the combination of Unicon software and Rangee hardware. This collaboration enables short delivery times, rapid availability, and customized solutions. By integrating the eLux operating system on Rangee hardware, an optimal user experience is ensured, leading to efficiency gains. 

Rangee, with production and support locations in Aachen, stands out for its extensive product portfolio that meets the highest standards. Of note is the sustainable product design, which ensures maximum reduction of plastic in product and packaging, allowing enclosures to be reused across generations. 

This sustainability approach is also reflected in Unicon’s efforts, as the eLux operating system helps extend the lifecycle of devices used in businesses. This approach is particularly important in industries such as public administration, financial services, industry, services, and healthcare. 

“This partnership is another milestone for Unicon and our customers,” states Gregori Martinez, Partner Manager at Unicon. “By qualifying Rangee hardware, we enable our customers to utilize eLux on an even wider range of high-quality solutions that meet their specific requirements.” 

“We are excited to collaborate with Unicon and are confident that our top-notch hardware combined with their powerful software solution will set new standards,” says Daniel Böker, Chief Sales Officer at Rangee. 

First pilot projects are already underway, with public sector clients being a primary target at the beginning of the partnership. 

In the upcoming webinar focusing on the public sector on February 29, interested parties will gain insights into how to design their IT infrastructure to be efficient, durable, and sustainable while ensuring a positive user experience. The two German manufacturers aim to delight both users and administrators in the long term. 


For more information on who is already partnering with Unicon, please visit https://www.unicon.com/partners 

About Unicon  

Unicon is a leading technology company and pioneer in hybrid client software. With eLux and Scout, Unicon offers the most powerful software solution for central IT architectures. More than two million end-point devices in over 65 countries worldwide are currently operated and managed using Unicon software. Our customers include companies in the finance and insurance sectors, the retail industry, and the public sector. Unicon is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.  


About Rangee 

Rangee is a German company with production and support locations in Aachen. The company offers an extensive product portfolio of state-of-the-art hardware and distinguishes itself through sustainable product design that meets the highest standards. Rangee places great emphasis on quality, customer service, and tailored solutions for its customers. 


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