Scout is a robust, lean end-point management solution for devices running eLux. Scout is ideal for MSPs or large enterprises, small- and medium-sized businesses using VDI or DaaS environments that want to scale, manage, secure, and deploy a consistent user experience.
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About Scout

Lean and Intuitive End-point Management Solution

Scout enables MSPs and companies of all sizes to simplify management of their ever-growing, end-point infrastructures in complex virtualization environments with an easy-to-use, intuitive management solution. Scout helps IT teams streamline their daily operations especially in asset intensive environments comprising of thin clients, laptops and desktop PCs. Scout is a mature, proven solution suited for quick deployments, granular control, easy management of end-point devices operating in office, remote office and borderless office scenarios. Administrators can easily manage, upgrade, update, monitor, track vast inventory of end-point devices in lean and efficient manner now and in the long run.

Solution Highlights

Scout enables both large enterprises and businesses to scale their computing, and extend their digital workspaces to a global pool of talent without any limits or constraints.
Our solution is currently used in one of the largest end-point installations in the world enabling a small team of administrators scale, manage and deploy digital workspaces to their end-users with ease.
Using Scout in combination with our Linux-based eLux OS provides administrators all they need to monitor, track, report and secure large fleets of end-point devices in a simple, intuitive manner.
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Scout for MSPs
Set course for growth with Managed Services

Scout for MSPs

  • Efficiency increase: intuitive monitoring, configuring, and backup of countless distributed endpoints
  • Easy licensing with pay-per-use
  • Automated reporting of managed devices
  • Cost optimization with monthly billing
  • More flexibility thanks to monthly adjustment of the number of managed devices
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Build Greater Efficiencies in Your IT Operations

Scout helps IT streamline daily operations and meet business needs, end-user demands quickly in office, remote office or mobile work scenarios. Scout enables IT admins to make sense of and create more efficient workflows and processes for managing end-point device infrastructures running in VDI and DaaS environments of any size or scale.

Business Agility, Organizational Needs and User Expectations

Scout enables IT administrators in balancing the needs of the organization to stay secure while also managing end-user expectations. Business agility depends on IT being able to support traditional office scenarios, hybrid work settings and different working such as task, knowledge and power users.

Lean Management

Scout makes it easy for MSPs and enterprises to manage large fleets and businesses of all sizes to scale end-point infrastructures. Scout works best with end-point devices running eLux, thus proving to be beneficial for companies that want avoid time consuming OS upgrades, reduce complexity in their VDI environments and centralize IT operations in a lean manner.

Use Compute Power Effectively and Efficiently

Organizations need compute power to stay ahead and competitive in today’s market. Scout ensures that the compute power comprising of end-point devices, peripherals is easy for IT departments to manage avoiding complicated, complex, and fragmented multi-vendor, multi-platform scenarios saving time and effort.
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Manage Device Diversity with Ease
Scout enables IT to easily manage large fleets of end-point devices in VDI environments running on eLux with its Console feature. Administrators can easily organize extremely diverse and complex end-point infrastructures, planning and managing such scenarios in companies that are starting out and want to scale up their end-user computing. Scout Console can be used to manage non-eLux based clients as well using Scout Agent for Windows that needs to be installed on the device beforehand.
Feature Highlights
Easy and Intuitive Solution
Scout is designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for managing end-point devices such as stationary and mobile thin clients, desktop PCs and laptops running eLux using Scout Console. IT administrators in large enterprises can manage, monitor, and track large fleets easily while small- and medium-sized businesses can scale securely without worrying about the complexity that sets in over time.
Feature Highlights
Granular Configuration via Containers
Administrators can update the end-point device firmware in a modular manner ensuring higher flexibility, eliminating the need of complete OS upgrades from a scratch that usually end up overwhelming corporate networks. Our solution enables administrators to upgrade the operating system as well as the software components for the virtualization environment and business applications in a lean manner.
Feature Highlights
Scale Securely
Companies of all sizes can scale their end-point device infrastructures indefinitely and securely with Scout. Using Scout, administrators get a 360° view and reports of the end-point landscape they are managing and the individual customizable structures for optimal thin client management. IT departments also can assign multiple administrators with different policies to further strengthen security of end point infrastructures they are tasked with managing.

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