eLux® is an ultra light-weight, Linux-based, hardware agnostic, highly secure x86 end-point operating system purpose-built to help companies scale, and secure their end-user computing in complex VDI, DaaS environments.
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About eLux

Scale, Manage and Secure Your End-user Computing

Companies today need a lean, secure OS that powers end-point devices operating in increasingly complex environments, running an ever-growing stack of virtual applications and desktops. IT departments need an easy-to-manage, resource friendly end-point OS that can provide end-users access to their virtual desktops and digital workspaces anytime, anywhere. Large enterprises and businesses of all sizes can make use of our Linux-based OS to deliver a consistent employee experience to their diverse, distributed and mobile workforce that meets business needs and also fulfills newer ways of working.

Solution Highlights

Scale your computing indefinitely with eLux. Part of the largest end-point installations in the world, eLux is also ideal for medium-sized businesses that want to scale in today’s global environment.
eLux is easy to operate, and extremely flexible for IT teams that can make use of its modular design for updating end-points without burdening IT networks.
Linux-based OS trusted by leading companies that operate in highly regulated verticals with stringent security norms such as financial services, insurance sector, public sector, retail, manufacturing.
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Light-weight and Flexible OS

eLux is light-weight and extremely flexible to deploy and manage any VDI and DaaS scenarios. IT teams can transform existing multi-brand hardware—comprising of thin clients, desktop PCs and laptops—contributing to complexity, device diversity into unified, easy to manage and secure end-point infrastructure.

Consistent Employee Experience

eLux is ideal for administrators that want to deliver a secure, stable and consistent experience to a diverse, distributed and remote workforce using existing VDI, cloud environments. Users can stay productive and connected to newer ways of working irrespective of whether they are in the office setting, at home or on the move.

Ready for Faster Deployment and Roll-outs

eLux is optimized for automated on-boarding into Scout end-point management. Administrators can roll out devices faster and more quickly, saving time and effort.

Lean and Modular Management

eLux is modular by design enabling administrators in deploying only what is needed by the business while fulfilling the requirements of the end-user. Administrators no longer have to worry about burdening existing networks and bandwidths resulting in downtime, or increased effort. OS upgrades, security or application updates can be done in an incremental manner to end-point devices within corporate firewalls as well as for devices operating in remote offices and mobile work scenarios.

Extend and Re-purpose Product Lifecycle

Give a new lease of life to hardware end points—thin clients, laptops or desktop PCs—rendered obsolete by major OS upgrades. IT departments can easily convert existing hardware with Unicon tools and utilities and deploy an ultra lightweight, secure OS saving costs for hardware acquisition in the short term and saving effort and time in managing those ‘newly repurposed’ end-points in the long term.
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
More Hardware Choice
eLux is hardware agnostic enabling administrators to use any x86 platform end-point device in heterogeneous environments for delivering digital workspaces. Organizations having large fleets of multi-brand end-points operating in VDI environments can reduce administrator effort by using eLux and streamlining daily IT operations.
Feature Highlights
Built-in Modularity
Administrators can release software packages in a modular manner ensuring higher flexibility and also eliminating the need of complete OS updates from scratch. eLux is modular by design providing granular control to administrators to add updates that can extend or scale down functionality of an end-point device based on organizational security policies and end-user working styles.
Feature Highlights
Highly Customizable
eLux OS images can be built as per the security policies and requirements of your IT department and is fully customizable to fit your corporate branding for a consistent employee experience. Unicon has the right tools and utilities such as corporate design packager that can help customize eLux while providing the experience an end-user is familiar with on a day-to-day basis.
Feature Highlights
Long and Evolving Product Lifecycle
Our solutions have been in continuous development for over 20 years by an experienced team of developers with deep expertise in virtualization scenarios at an enterprise level. Unicon solutions are also developed with evolving market trends factoring the needs of both the large enterprise as well as small- and medium-sized businesses that want more compute power with scalability, manageability and security built-in by design.
Feature Highlights
Resource Friendly and Highly Secure
eLux is an ultra light-weight, highly secure x86 end-point OS that can power any thin client, laptop or desktop PC hardware in complex environments for companies and enterprises that need a scalable and manageable end-user computing infrastructure. eLux is free to download and use especially for companies that would like to get started on their cloud client computing journey.

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