Federal State Tax Office Rhineland-Palatinate / ZDFin

Success Story
Oberfinanzdirektion Theinnlad-Pfalz

"The pandemic has shown us quite clearly just how essential Unicon solutions are for our daily work."

The Rhineland-Palatinate State Tax Office (Germany) is responsible for the service and technical supervision of the 22 smaller tax offices within the region, as well as the German federal state’s central tax office. In its capacity as the authority’s data center, the Central Tax Administration Data Processing department (Zentrale Datenverarbeitung der Finanzverwaltung, abbreviated ZDFin) administers and operates all tax-related procedures. The ZDFin is also responsible for the administration and procurement of software and hardware for use by its approximately 7,000 employees.

More detailed information can be found in the PDF version of the success story.

Torsten Käfer, Administrator of Citrix terminals

Unicon provides us with tremendous added value for our daily work. The challenges of the pandemic have clearly demonstrated this. The eLux operating system is resource-efficient and freely configurable, which allowed us to revive old devices easily and quickly. The team provided us with the best possible support in the form of special solutions as part of the SCG update, as well as the technical expertise required to implement our video conferencing technology quickly and easily.“


€ 3.2 Million
Total accumulated savings after three years
Unused fat clients that were previously running on the Windows operating system were repurposed and transformed into mobile thin clients
The percentage of employees who could work permanently from home increased to 75% compared to only approximately 10% before Covid-19
Zoom was established as a video conferencing tool thanks to the plugin on eLux thin clients and laptops


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