eLux 7 Release: Transforming End-User Computing with a New Level of Efficiency and Security

29 May 2024

Karlsruhe, Germany, May 29th, 2024 – Unicon, a leading provider of innovative software solutions, proudly announces the release of eLux 7, the latest iteration of its cutting-edge operating system designed to revolutionize end-user computing.    


In the dynamic world of end-user computing, adaptability, efficiency, and security stand as pillars of superior importance. Today marks a significant milestone as Unicon introduces eLux 7, a groundbreaking operating system that redefines end-user computing.  

eLux 7 is not just another operating system; it is a revolutionary solution tailored for companies of all sizes – whether mid-sized businesses or enterprises – navigating the complexities of VDI and DaaS environments, and SaaS/Browser Apps. Engineered with a focus on ultra-lightweight architecture, hardware flexibility, and top-tier security, eLux 7 sets a new benchmark for reliability and performance.  

“eLux 7 represents a significant leap forward in end-user computing. With its streamlined deployment capabilities and robust security features, it addresses the evolving needs of modern enterprises. I am confident that eLux 7 will make an amazing impression on users and revolutionize the perception of the convenience that a managed operating system can offer” – Eric Bégoc, Product Owner at Unicon.  


Which key features and changes can customers expect?
eLux 7 combines established features with a variety of innovative enhancements: 

Enhanced UI: A new desktop specifically tailored to meet the needs of end users, supporting hybrid work scenarios.  

Fully customizable themes for consistent corporate branding. 

Dynamic partitions: The new partition layout offers more space for applications, as the capacity is determined by the available disk size. 

Secure by default with a write protected file system and encrypted with TPM 2.0. 

Silent updates: A new update method in which the software update runs in the background and the device remains usable while the new software is being downloaded and installed. 

Modular software packages ensure flexibility without complete OS updates.  

Hardware-agnostic operating system, supporting any x86 platform, including laptops, thin clients, and desktops. 

“At Unicon, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower our clients to thrive in a rapidly changing digital landscape. eLux 7 follows this commitment, offering exceptional efficiency, security, and flexibility. We believe that eLux 7 will drive significant value for our users, enabling them to achieve new levels of productivity and success by equipping them for hybrid and modern work environments, – whether it’s VDI, DaaS, or browser apps – while delivering an unmatched user experience” – Philipp Benkler, CEO at Unicon.   

For additional information on eLux 7 and its transformative potential download datasheet here. Join us for our Release Webinar on June 12th. Interested participants will get an exclusive look at the latest version through a live demo, highlighting all the new features. 


About Unicon    

Unicon is a leading technology company and pioneer in hybrid client software. Its hybrid, secure operating system eLux and Scout management platform represent the most powerful software solutions for central IT architecture currently available. More than two million end devices in over 65 countries worldwide are currently operated and managed with Unicon software. Our customers include companies from the finance and insurance industries, the retail sector, and the public sector. Unicon is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.     


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