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You may get the benefits of the latest CPS Utilities software at any time by downloading the current version from us.   All you have to do is run the file and follow the onscreen instructions.   There is no charge.

If you haven't updated recently, the current version of CPS Utilities will give you some significant enhancements:

  • You will immediately notice a new button on the Entry screen, labeled User's Manual.   Click this button, and the CPS Utilities User's Manual will display in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™, complete with a bookmarks window on the left, from which you can jump to any section of the manual with one click.
  • Then, specifically for the May survey, which has many variables collected in arrays (like ccerta01, ccerta02, etc.) you may add a whole range of such variables to your request file at once by selecting "Add variable name range..." from the request file contents right-click menu.
  • You may select multiple variables from the upper list on the Utilities screen, to allow you to show multiple documentation pages in one window, or to add multiple variables to the request file by dragging or clicking the Add button.
  • Also, you may select multiple variables from the lower list (the request file contents), to allow you to show their combined documentation or to delete them from the request file, with a single click.
  • The output file options have been enhanced to allow you to include the variable names as the top row when outputting data in a tabular format, and a button has been added to enable you to send the data directly to a spreadsheet.
Plus: all the latest tweaks and bug fixes.

Click here to read some important notes before installing the update.

You can also read the User's Manual by clicking here.

See Version Compatibility for additional information.

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